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About Us

A few words about our Directors:

Randy Jordan

Randy Jordan has been active in retreat ministry and religious education in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston (TX) since 1991 -- and loving every minute of it!  A state-certified educator, diocese-trained catechist, former parish Youth Minister and Religious Ed/Confirmation Coordinator, he has had the pleasure of leading retreats for numerous parish youth groups, sacrament candidates, altar servers, catechists, retreat teams, LIFETEEN groups and Core Teams, Catholic schools and many other diverse groups around our Archdiocese and across the Country.  He believes that God has given us all a command to "...go forth and make disciples of all nations...."  Ministry to young people and education has been his answer to that call.

Randy is writing and leading retreats whenever possible and working hard with Gordie and Brick to make Cleopas & Company a light to the world!

Gordie Allen has been working with youth for over 25 years and in retreat ministry and religious education since 1989.  Living and loving the truth of James' proclamation that faith without works is futile, Gordie has been a Boy Scout leader and active in youth sports, was a volunteer firefighter and paramedic, and has been a guest speaker for many high school FCA groups.  He has served on Parish Council, was in RCIA as a candidate, sponsor and teacher, has been a choir member, Proclaimer of the Word, an Extraordinary Minister and a Knight of Columbus.  While working in high school religious education Gordie has been a teacher, Confirmation and 12th Grade Coordinator, Retreat Team presenter and LIFETEEN Core Team member.

With Diocesan and parish catechetical training, as well as LIFETEEN training, Gordie continues to use his God-given gifts to work with Randy and DB to share the mission of Cleopas & Company with the world.

Deacon Brick Hodge (DB) has been working with youth and young adults since becoming Catholic in 1976. DB received his degree in Theology from the University of St. Thomas in 1998 and was ordained to the Permanent Deaconate in 1999 in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. He taught religious education for ten years, volunteered as the Junior High youth minister and was the RCIA and Confirmation coordinator for five years at Sacerd Heart Church in Richmond, TX. He also had the opportunity to join a retreat team that  ministered to religious sisters, brothers, seminarians, and priests from around the world.
DB is a Diocesan and “Life Teen” trained catechist, retreat leader, and certified youth minister.
Deacon Brick joins Randy and Gordie in the mission of Cleopas & Company to lead youth to a deeper understanding of their Faith and, more importantly, into a deep and lasting relationship with Jesus Christ.

All Cleopas & Company facilitators have received VIRTUS training.

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