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Welcome to Cleopas & Company!

Are you looking for a retreat for your youth group, LIFETEEN youth or young adult group?  Do you need a Confirmation retreat or a special program or workshop for your teens or teachers?  How about a retreat for your teachers or volunteers?  Would you like to train your volunteers to put on great retreats themselves?  If so, you've found the right place!

Cleopas & Company is dedicated to providing quality Catholic youth retreats , catechist retreats, parish missions, programs for teens, pre-teens and young people of all ages -- and the loving volunteers and ministers who serve them!  While our origin is in the faith of the Roman Catholic Church, we enjoy working with all groups who proclaim love and faith in our Lord Jesus.

Here you can find out who we are, where we're from and the focus of our ministry.  Stay a while and see what we can offer your group.  Feel free to stop by for updates or contact us if you have questions or would like to book us for a retreat or other event.  Thanks for your visit and enjoy your stay.

Peace be with you!

Randy & Gordie

Our Mission

Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, our mission is to share the truth of the risen Christ with the world!

By ministering to young people and the loving adults who serve them, our prayer is to be able to share our love for God and His Church through personal experience, the Holy Scriptures and sound Christian teaching.

We strongly believe that retreats and days of prayer are a vital part of each person's spiritual and faith development.  By offering our talents in these areas, our mission is to share our passion for God with teens and help empower the adults who minister to them with the tools to do the same.

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