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Here are some of our favorite Internet hot-spots!
Please let us know if any of these don't work OR if you have a great link to share.

Vatican Homepage - Check out the great resources here and see what's happening at the nerve center of the Catholic Church.

Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston - The website of our home Diocese.

LIFE TEEN - Take a look at one of the greatest youth evangelization movements to grace the Church today! Tons of great resources for teens and youth ministers.

Steubenville Youth Conferences - Powerful  teen ministry!

Catholic Online - Great site for all things Catholic!

The Catholic Goldmine - Another great Catholic info site.

US Conference of Catholic Bishops - See what's happening at the heart of the Church here in the US. Great online Bible, Mass readings and much, much more!

Online Catechism of the Catholic Church - GREAT online Catechism tool! Awesome search engine of the Catechism.

Youth Specialties - One of our favorite sources for all kinds of youth ministry material! (We should own stock by now....)

GROUP Publishing - Tons of great resources for youth and adult ministry.

Catholic.Com - A wealth of Catholic information and answers to many common questions. Check out their Chastity Q&A! Awesome stuff!



Finding the right retreat environment is a crucial part of your planning and can have a great impact on the success (and memory) of your event. Everything from sleeping quarters to meals to support services should be taken into consideration, so doing some homework is always a must.

Just like a retreat, every facility is unique...and these are some of our favorites. Oh, yeah...tell 'em Cleopas & Company sent ya! 

The Christian Renewal Center  (Dickinson, TX)

Eagle's Wings Retreat Center   (Burnett, TX)

Circle Lake Retreat Center   (Tomball, TX)

Camp Kappe  (Plantersville, TX)

Holy Family Retreat Center  (Beaumont, TX)

Forest Glen Christian Camp   (Huntsville, TX)

Camp Tejas  (Giddings, TX)

Cho-Yeh Camp and Conference Center  (Livingston, TX)

Trinity Pines Conference Center  (Trinity, TX)

Camp Allen Conference and Retreat Center  (Navasota, TX)

*If there are any other facilities you think we should check out, please let us know!  We are always looking for new places to enjoy future retreats.

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